Did de Villiers cheat his fans?

AB de Villiers doesn’t need a special introduction as far as cricket fans are concerned. He earned a special place in international cricket. Though a South African player, he has fans across the world. The cricket fans want de Villiers to crush the rival but want their home to win. We can’t answer why people are floored by this bat’s man.

De Villiers who is known for his lightning speed fielding on the ground also creates magic with his batting. Any word appears small to describe him. He is the kind of person who enhanced his mettle along with age. Recently we saw the sparks of de Villiers in Indian Premier League. The Indian fans were floored by his marvelous batting and fielding.

Everyone watched him with awe when he jumped at least one and a half meters high and caught the ball. But we can’t say that it is the best in his career, as he has done better feats earlier. He is the only batsman who can hit the ball to the boundary in a 360-degree angle. No other player can do this feat.

The reason for talking about AB de Villiers is that this South African cricketer will no more continue in international cricket. When de Villiers announced that he is bidding goodbye to international cricket, the cricket world was shocked. De Villiers who promised his fans that he would win One Day World Cup for South Africa deciding to retire before fulfilling is nothing but cheating.

“Everything comes to an end and to cricket fans in South Africa and around the world, thank you very much for your kindness, generosity and your understanding. I have no plans to play overseas; in fact, I hope I can continue to be available for the Titans in domestic cricket. I will continue to be the biggest supporter of Faf du Plessis and the Proteas,” de Villiers said in his retirement address.

Players like Sachin, Sehwag, and others expressed shock after de Villiers retirement announcement. He might have bid goodbye to international cricket, but will he continue in Indian Premier League? Nothing can be said. De Villiers who played for RCB could not take the team to playoffs. It remains suspense if he will be available for the next IPL season. Many opine that he would bid goodbye to IPL too.

Still, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is continuing in the team. Though he bid goodbye to test cricket, he is playing T 20s. De Villiers is not too old to retire, but he has taken the decision. One should respect his decision. But his fans are expressing concern that their favorite cricketer ABD cheated them. Even Twitter is buzzing with tweets asking him to come back to cricket.

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