YSRCP MPs’ resignations to be accepted?

It may be recalled that five MPs’ belonging to YSR Congress Party resigned to their post demanding Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. The MPs’ who had set a deadline for Prime Minister Modi and NDA government at the centre, had resigned as soon as it lapsed. Immediately they resorted to indefinite hunger strike. However, their protest was ruined as the MPs’ were forcefully admitted to the hospital.

The MPs’ who resigned received information from the Lok Sabha Speaker recently. It is learned that the Speaker asked them to meet her on May 29. Now, a discussion is going on about Speaker Sumitra Mahajan’s meeting with the MPs’ who resigned. The Speaker earlier suggested to the YSRCP MPs’ that they can fight for their rights continuing in the House. But the MPs’ clarified that no value is being given to their arguments in the House and that the Centre also is ignoring the Special Status issue and hence they are resigning.

It is learned that even now YSRCP MPs’ are going to tell the Speaker they are committed to their resignations. Meanwhile, doubts are being raised as to why the Speaker did not accept their resignations. BJP seems to have a new strategy about this issue after the change in equations after Karnataka Assembly election. It might be of the view, if the resignations of YSRCP MPs’ are accepted there would be sweeping changes in AP politics and they could take political advantage amidst that confusion.  In this backdrop, there are chances that the resignations might get accepted.

YSRCP MP Mithun Reddy announced that they would not back on resignations and would mention it before the Speaker if she gives them appointment. YSRCP leaders are angry that the TDP is slinging mud on them that they have a tacit agreement with BJP. They opine that if the TDP MPs’ also resign along with them, BJP would certainly give Special Status.

Meanwhile, the TDP is counter-attacking the YSRCP saying that the YSRCP leaders campaigned for BJP in the recently held Karnataka elections and in this context both parties have come to an understanding about the MPs’ resignation and it is being implemented now. It is both parties are ignoring the fact that the BJP is taking political advantage amidst their fight for dominance.

Whatever it is, if the resignations of YSRCP MPs’ are accepted, there would be tremors in Andhra Pradesh politics. Pressure would be mounted on ruling Telugu Desam party and BJP for Special Status.

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