Modi’s image dented with Karnataka episode?

Bharatiya Janata Party is in power in 21 States in the country. Everyone is aware of this. BJP wanted to win Karnataka to make it a gateway to South India. It is surprising that the party which won over 100 seats could not form the government in Karnataka. In Goa and Manipur it was in second place regarding seats it could capture power. An internal discussion is going on amongst saffron leaders as to why did BJP fail in Karnataka. Prime Minister Modi and party chief Amit Shah are experienced in developing sharp political strategies. But it has become evident that they don’t have the merit to protect the party during the crisis. Congress got just 78 seats and JDS 38. However, the party with 104 seats going into back benches shocked even the political analysts. There were gossips that BJP was ready to buy each MLA for Rs 100 crores.

Clearly, it is the failure of BJP’s strategy. If the BJP, which did not secure enough number of seats for forming government, kept itself away from power at the beginning itself;  there wouldn’t have been so many theories. The opposition parties with one fractured victory have gained confidence and are trying to dent the image of Prime Minister Modi.

The 2019 elections are not far away. But the situation is not conducive for Modi to change the opposition’s narrative. As the prices of crude oil rose in the international market, the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky in the country. During the UPA government’s regime, the prices of crude oil went up to 140 dollars per barrel. It’s not the same now; the prices have not touched even 80 dollars. With this resentment is growing in the common man.

The failure of BJP in Karnataka led to a negative campaign against Modi. The issue of Goa and Manipur and how it destroyed the democratic ethics is the publicity material for the opposition parties. All these theories might negatively impact Modi in 2019 elections. The seniors in the BJP, who were sidelined by Modi appeared to be happy about these developments.

BJP thumped by Telugus in Karnataka

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