Who ousted Teja out of NTR biopic

If Teja had not been sympathetic towards Srireddy, he would have directed ‘NTR’ biopic. His announcement that he is giving a chance to Srireddy in the film and she claiming over the social media that she has become a part of ‘NTR’ film angered hero Balakrishna. He is said to have warned Teja not take decisions on his own. As Balayya asked him to leave, Teja had to do it.

Teja, who bagged a success as a director with ‘Nene Raju Nene Manthri,’ after a long time, missed a good chance. Gossips are doing rounds that Teja not only lost the chance of doing a film with Balayya but also Venkatesh. Meanwhile, rumors started emerging out from Teja’s camp, that he is doing Uday Kiran’s biopic. Uday Kiran had become a hero overnight with ‘Chitram,’ ‘Nuvvu Nenu,’ ‘Manasanta Nuvve’ films. It may be recalled that he committed suicide. It is Teja who brought Uday Kiran into the limelight.

As superstar Savitri’s biopic is a superhit, it is normal for Teja to think of Uday Kiran’s biopic. But this has become controversial. If everything had gone right, Uday Kiran would have become the son-in-law of Chiranjeevi. Well, that is past and fate had decided something else. Meanwhile, a gossip came out from Teja camp that he is doing the film with Rajasekhar as hero highlighting the controversy between Uday Kiran and Chiranjeevi. Teja wanted to be in the limelight this way.

But it is learned that Rajasekhar refused Teja’s offer. With this, Teja had to give an explanation that he had met Rajasekhar for some other reason. Conflict arose between Rajasekhar and Chiranjeevi during 2009 elections. But those differences no longer persist. Then why did Teja try to create a rift between the two again?

According to sources, when Teja approached Rajasekhar, his wife Jeevitha cut the conversation when Chiranjeevi’s topic was raised. She also seriously warned Teja not to create a rift between them as they have cordial relations now.  She was said to be very furious.

Teja is drawn to controversies from the beginning. He lost a chance by stating that he would give a chance to Srireddy.

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