How will you win Yeddy?

Karnataka Governor inviting Bharatiya Janata Party, which did not reach the magic mark to form government surprised many. It is sad that though JDS and Congress came together and demonstrated the strength of 116 MLAs, the Governor ignored the fact. In this context, Congress and JDS approached Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ordered for a floor test tomorrow, i.e. on Saturday at 4 pm in the Karnataka Assembly. Yeddyurappa who took over as Chief Minister has to cross this hurdle.

BJP leader, Chief Minister Yeddyurappa is confident of winning the floor test. Meanwhile, claiming that there is no protection for their MLAs’ in Karnataka, Congress and JDS transported their MLAs’ to Hyderabad. As the floor test is set to take place tomorrow, the MLAs will have to go back to Bangalore. We can’t foretell if the equations will change the moment they reach there nor will Yeddy have to relinquish his chair.

The Karnataka Governor, who too was a victim of such kind of politics resorted to by Congress in 1996 is presently facing criticism. Anything is possible in present-day politics. Once money bags start speaking. MLAs’ changing parties is a small thing.  This is evident in both Telugu States. The dominant parties bought MLAs’ like cattle.

Though there is scope for such shopping, it appears Congress and JDS took precautions in time. Maybe one or two may switch sides, but the majority MLAs’ is with JDS and Congress. That is giving solace to both parties. If Yeddyurappa loses the floor test, JDS leader Kumaraswamy will become the chief minister. Congress is supporting him.

Karnataka is the gateway to BJP to enter South India. Prime Minister Modi and party chief Amit Shah, fear that this failure might impact the 2019 elections at national level.

To protect his throne Yeddyurappa who doesn’t have required numbers will have to buy MLAs’. Those MLAs’ should come from Congress and JDS. Even today BJP is claiming that it has the support of 120 MLAs’. If that is true, BJP must have already bought these MLAs’.

BJP thumped by Telugus in Karnataka

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