Gossips haunt Puri, Charmee again

Director Puri Jagannath and actress Charmee are good friends. Their friendship has been a point of discussion and gossip in the film industry. Many rumors did rounds that his family faced turmoil because of Charmee; that there was a clash between Puri Jagannath and his wife, his son Aakash during that time had to fight with Charmee etc.. etc. However, after the ‘drugs case,’ the whole issue calmed down.

It may be recalled that Puri Jagannath and Charmee attended the interrogation in the drugs case that shook Tollywood. At that time Puri and Charmee had to console each other. Some claim that it is precisely at that time that Puri’s family members connected with Charmee. Meanwhile, after ‘Mehabooba’s’ result, again a fight took place between the family members of Puri and Charmee. They claim that Puri lost creativity because of Charmee.

Meanwhile, Puri and Charmee are publicising in the media that their film is a super hit. Charmee played a key role in the production of the film. Now, Charmee is being blamed for the failure. The film team is alleging that it failed as she had interfered in the filmmaking including direction. The attachment between Charmee and Puri fortified during the shooting of the film ‘Jyothi Lakshmi.’ Puri started taking care of Charmee. Even Charmee is completely dedicated to Puri. While some claim that their friendship is not at the physical level, some suspect another kind of relation between the two. Though such gossips are normal in the film industry, the way they both connected, the failure following that bonding only strengthened the rumors. It is surprising that Puri has taken the making of the film lightly at a time he is supposed to give a super hit for his son. Though Aakash tried his best as an actor, failure in direction sunk the movie.

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