Trailer review: Na Nuvve a visual treat

The promo of ‘Na Nuvve’ is a hit. It may be recalled that Jayendra directed the film with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and Milky Beauty Tamanna as the lead pair.  Every still of the film, every video promo is raising expectations for the film. That is the reason why ‘Na Nuvve’ has become a hot topic much before its release.

Kalyan Ram is just not an actor but also a producer. He gives priority to quality while producing films. However, he is failing while choosing roles. The visual effects of the film ‘OM’ (OM 3D)  were mind-blowing. The film produced by Kalyan Ram failed. However, he bagged a success with ‘Pataas,’ a complete commercial entertainer.

The flick ‘MLA’ released recently disappointed Kalyan Ram. In this backdrop, though ‘Na Nuvve’ is attracting the audience before the release, people are suspecting if it would succeed. Setting aside all these things, the trailer released recently raised the expectations of the fans. Every frame in the trailer is richly made.

The cinematography of ace cinematographer PC Sreeram would be a highlight of the film. The colors he chose for shooting the scenes are giving feel-good effect. The cinematographer has elevated the beauty of Tamanna. Even Kalyan Ram is appearing different and new in this film. The chemistry between the lead appears to be superb.

Be it music, dialogues, everything is excellent. The audience could connect to the film through the trailer itself. Though one can’t certainly say how the film would be, the trailer is making Kalyan Ram fans and Tamanna fans happy. The runtime of the film has been reduced. The runtime is limited to two hours.

‘Na Nuvve’ which is all set for release soon, has become a hot topic in the film industry. The film trailer started trending soon after it was posted.on social media.

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