Why this political googly Nikhil?

A senior and versatile actor like Prakash Raj openly opposed BJP. But we have seen what happened in Karnataka elections! Prakash Raj’s concerns remained to his social media handle.  He claimed that he would put all the efforts to defeat BJP. His comments, “This country doesn’t need you Modiji… People of Karnataka will send you home,” surprised many. As any other average Indian, Prakash Raj has right to expression and he utilized it.

However, Karnataka voters ignored his remarks and voted for Narendra Modi in their State. True, this victory is not Bharatiya Janata Party’s alone, it belongs to Modi too. He took Karnataka elections as a prestige issue. He made whirlwind tours and saw that BJP wins. One has to accept that this victory belongs to Narendra Modi.

Coming to the issue, young hero Nikhil posted a comment on the social media on the trends of Karnataka elections result. He congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. However, he describing Modi as magician did not go well with saffron brigade. Above all, they did not like Nikhil questioning the negligence of Modi government over Special Status to AP, promises of bifurcation. They started trolling him and abusing him.

The saffron brigade already questioned him earlier if he needs all this. Earlier too Nikhil questioned Prime Minister Modi about Special Status on social media. It is the habit of BJP to suppress the voice of people who question like that. It did the same to Nikhil too.  But, it should also be discussed what is the link between Karnataka elections and Special Status. The reason is Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s over-enthusiasm is the reason for it.

Generally, the results of Assembly elections depend on local issues. That’s what has happened in Karnataka. It is there is a little anti-incumbency in Karnataka. BJP has encashed that opposition. The AP Special Status issue will not work there. But the issues of demonetization, GST and petrol prices must have an impact in the Karnataka elections. That is the concern of Nikhil.

Centre has been negligent about the funds that have to be released to Andhra Pradesh. Modi government has sanctioned Rs 50 thousand crores for Bangalore metro instead of Amaravathi. All these issues favored BJP.

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