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IPL Season 11: Match-fixing suspicions

The Indian Premier League Season 11 is continuing. All the teams have played ten matches each. Sun Risers Hyderabad team is in the top slot. The next place is occupied by Chennai Super Kings. Delhi DareDevils is in the last place.  However, doubts arising in the minds of people at the way matches are being played. From the first match to fortieth match, by the way, the game went on, people are smelling something fishy and doubt if ‘match-fixing’ is taking place. For example, the yesterday’s match between Kings Eleven Punjab and Rajasthan Royals shocked everyone. The way Kings Punjab losing to Royals is surprising. It was not a big target. Above all, they had wickets in hand, still Punjab lost the match.

Rajasthan Royals proved its mettle with bowling. But, are Punjab batsmen that timid? No! The match went on dramatically till the last ball. Rajasthan team did not perform as per expectations this season. It is not sure it will go for playoffs or not. But, it appears that maximum effort was put by people behind the curtain to ensure the victory of the team yesterday. Punjab team owner Preity Zinta is known for her over-enthusiasm. She gets disappointed when a wicket falls, and cries when the team is on the verge of losing. But, in yesterday’s match, she appeared very cool. Even when the team was defeated she appeared unruffled.

Earlier, IPL faced serious match-fixing allegations. Some players were distanced from cricket. It is the Indian Premier League match-fixing that closed the cricket career of Kerala speed bowler Sreesanth. In fact, many people consider IPL as an entertainment. That is true also. The cricket fans stopped admiring as cricket long ago and are entertaining themselves during the match.

The image of IPL was maligned with match-fixing allegations. Once, even big movies shuddered due to IPL. Now such circumstances are not prevailing. People are also not showing that much of interest. They are only considering it as an entertainment and not as a ‘fashion.’ In this context, doubts are lingering if players are taking IPL lightly.

Rajasthan with the confidence of winning and Punjab sure of its defeat disappointed the IPL fans. The IPL organizers are doing all kinds of gimmicks to fill the stadia. Mumbai team which was on the verge of going home was brought back. Yesterday Rajasthan was ensured victory. Now people are feeling according to whose commands the teams on the top four will play. It is sad that IPL is disappointing the fans this time.

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