Rajanikanth’s tweet shocks Tamilians

Everybody is surprised with Rajani Kanth’s response to the violence that happened in Chennai to obstruct the IPL match. Currently, he is saying that such violence is not a solution to the Cauvery water issue. It may be recalled that there were strong protests when Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings played the IPL cricket match in Chennai.

Politicians and workers gathered at the stadium and protested demanding the creation of Cauvery Water Board. Their protests turned violent. They have torched vehicles. Police took many of them into custody. Rajani shared a clipping on twitter which showed the protestors hitting a policeman. “The worst form of violence in law and order situation is attacked on uniformed personnel on duty.This form of violence has to be tackled immediately as it poses a grave danger to our country. We need more stringent laws to punish the perpetrators of the attack on police personnel on duty,” he tweeted.

However, on Monday, Rajani Kanth made an appeal to Chennai Super Kings. Speaking in a press conference, he stated that it was not fair to hold IPL matches in Chennai at a time when Tamils were protesting for establishing of Cauvery Water Management Board. Asking the players to support Tamilians, he appealed to the Chennai team members and audience to wear black bands during the match as a mark of protest.

He also felt that it would be better not to play in Chennai as farmers are suffering due to water. He asked them either understand it and stop playing or if that’s not possible wear black bands while playing.
Rajani Kanth is expected to enter politics soon. He will be contesting Tamil Nadu Assembly polls after launching his own party.

Rajanikanth who called upon the fans not to go to see the match and protest, suddenly changing his tone is surprising. It is normal for politicians to give a call for protests, but it is difficult to anticipate the repercussions. Leaders must be alert to such issues. People are objecting to Rajani’s attitude.

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