​Orange color snowfall occurs!

Snowfall is one of the most beautiful phenomena one can experience. It marks the beginning of something new and nice. People often flock to various hill stations to experience the beauty of Snowfall at least once in their life. However this year something even more phenomenal happened when orange colored snowfall occurred in parts of Eastern Europe and Western Russia. Yes, you read it right- Orange colored snow.  
While people in India are experiencing one its prickliest summers, Russia and Europe seem to be busy making orange snow angels for fun!
This is the first time an ‘Orange’ snowfall has been officially reported to have occurred. Previously people had come forward when a similar orange occurrence took place in Siberia. However, in this incident, dated in 2007, locals had complained of the snow too be foul smelling and oily to touch. Many residents along with travelers and adventure enthusiasts living near the Caucasus region took to their social networking sites to share the spectacular orange looking scenaries. One such winter sport’s enthusiast set out to have fun on this nature’s accident and captioned it as ‘We’re skiing on Marsa today!’ on Instagram referring to the orange and redness in the snow.
Many have reached out to the researchers, meteorologists and various other observatories to try to find out the reason behind these orange snow dumpings from the sky. Athens observatory officially gave a statement that said that the orange snowfall was a result of a dust storm wherein the desert storm was transferred from Sahara to Greece and onto Eastern Europe and Russia. ‘In one of the largest transfers of desert sand from Nothern Africa over Greece towards the snowy territories’ quoted the statement.
From social media posts, it can be said that this ‘Orange occurrence’ took place in Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova among many other districts.

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