Raj Tarun’s Rajugadu Teaser Talk

Raj Tarun is one of the few countable heroes from Telugu film industry who has raised to stardom without any industry back up. The prime reason for his success in the Tollywood is his choice of unique scripts and young talented directors he selected in his filmy career. Raju Taruns second outing this year after Rangula Ratnam is Rajugadu and its teaser is released on the occasion of Ugadi for the movie lovers.

A fresh concept of Kleptomania which is not used in the in the Telugu film industry is taken as the major plot point in Rajugadu movie and it is evidently shown in the teaser. Makers and director of Rajugadu have clearly hinted the audiences about the rare disorder of Kleptomania in the teaser and other love, comedy angles in the film beforehand. Coming to the Rajugadu taser that is merely less than one minute has hit the right notes to grab the attention for sure.

Hero Raj Tarun looked very natural in the character of Raju and presenting the Kleptomania condition very comfortably in the teaser. Amyra Dastur who is playing the love interest of Raj Tarun in Rajugadu is looking perfect with her innocence and spell bounded beauty in the video teaser. Senior actor Rajendra Prasad has bagged one more entreating role as father to the hero in the film and his quick one-liner dialogues will make audiences laugh out loud in theatres.

On a whole Raj Tarun’s Rajugadu teaser looks promising comedy entertainer for this summer for sure. Sanjana Reddy is making her debut as the director with Rajugadu film and her confidences on the project is visible in the teaser itself. AK Entertainments is producing Rajugadu film and this is their this combination with Raju Tarun where earlier movies are hit at box office. Rajugadu is making all the arrangement to release on 11th May, 2018. Watch the teaser of Rajugadu and comment below.

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