Balayya needs to think before speaking

We are all aware that Nandamuri Balakrishna is representing Hindupur as Telugu Desam Party MLA. He won from Hindupur constituency in Anantapur district in 2014 elections. However, he is seen as someone who is in the shadow of his brother in law and Chief Minister of the State N Chandrababu Naidu rather than a politician. People of the constituency regularly complain that he is not available to them.

As he hailed from a film and political family, wherever he goes, it became his habit to brag about his father and his dynasty. But every time he does that, he is facing the music from many quarters.
As friend Pawan Kalyan has become a political enemy overnight, TDP supremo, AP CM Chandrababu is stunned. He provoked all the party leaders to verbally attack Pawan Kalyan. Recently, Balakrishna too joined the bandwagon.
TDP MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna responded to Pawan Kalyan’s allegations that CM Naidu and his son Lokesh resorted to heavy corruption being in power. Balakrishna, who visited Anantapur on Saturday tried to answer questions posed by media.

“The agenda of Telugu Desam Party is development. People hurl different allegations. We don’t care. By speaking about Pawan Kalyan, I don’t want to make him a hero. Even today, we are the heroes,” Balakrishna said.
However, Balakrishna is forgetting the fact that Telugu Desam Party had an alliance with Janasena in 2014 elections. Without the help of BJP-Janasena, Telugu Desam would never have achieved power. That way, Balakrishna too became an MLA with the help of Pawan. As BJP workers, Pawan Kalyan fans voted for him, he could become the MLA of Hindupur.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan fans are mocking Balakrishna on social media platforms that just by slapping the thighs votes will not shower like it happened in films. Politics is totally a different field. By claiming that they are the heroes, (read NTR) Balakrishna will achieve nothing. People are questioning what his contribution to the constituency and even the party is.

While his father and his hero is backstabbed by Naidu, how is Balayya giving support to him? He is forgetting that days have changed and for every punch, there are going to be umpteen counter punches. It is better for Balakrishna to think before speaking.

Mahesh Babu’s time starts now?

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