Rishi Kapoor praises Priya Prakash Varrier

Getting stardom overnight and becoming third most followed on Instagram is no longer just a part of our little day dreams, it has become a reality after Priya Prakash Varrier made it huge overnight all to the credit of the song ‘Maliya malaray povi’ part of the film ‘Oru Adaar love’.  In one of her first interview’s she had expressed feeling very overwhelmed after trending on all social networking sites overnight.

The video of her winking in a not so yet so innocent way at the boy- co actor Roshan Abdul Rahoof in the song has received over more than 10 million hits from 9th February to 14thof February. The stardom doesn’t stop at that; she crossed Sunny Leone to be become the most searched Indian on Google for a few hours. She is also the third celebrity after Kylie Jenner and Christiano Ronaldo to gaim the most number of followers within the span of few hours.

However not many from Bollywood have commented on her overnight stardom. So it was an absolute surprise when Rishi Kapoor took to twitter and express his compliments to Priya Varrier.

In his tweet he stated that he predicted huge stardom for Priya Varrier. He described her as being very expressive, coy, coquettish and still innocent. He also added that he was sure that she would give a run of money for people of her age group. Wishing her the best future and praying for god’s blessings for her, he added a little bit of light hearted flirting by saying that- Mere time mein naheen ayeen aap! Kyon?

To this humbling tweet, Priya replied expressing her gratitude that it was an absolute honor to be praised by the ‘Prince of Romance’. Replying to his compliment with a compliment of her own- she said that the sort of mettle and mantle your aura infers in every artists existence will always be beyond common contention!

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