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15 Dead In Massive Fire At Roof-Top Pub In Central Mumbai:Kamala Mills

15 Dead In Massive Fire At Roof-Top Pub In Central Mumbai:Kamala Mills
A major fire broke out in Kamla Mills Compound at Lower Parel a little after midnight on Friday.Fifteen people including 12 women, most of them in their twenties and early thirties, were killed in a massive fire that started from a restaurant in Mumbai’s Kamala Mills compound late on Wednesday evening, and spread rapidly to nearly restaurants and offices as well. Fire-fighters took more than three hours to douse the huge flames that leapt up in central Mumbai’s nightlife hub. Initial reports indicate most of the casualties were reported from the vicinity of the restaurants that had opened in the 37-acre premises over the last few years. A case of culpable homicide has been registered against the restaurant ‘1 Above’ where the fire broke out.
The Brihanamumbai Municipal Corporation’s disaster management control room said that the injured had been taken to KEM Hospital at Parel.Fire officials said that they received the first call at 12.27 a.m. and they initially rushed eight fire engines and fire tankers to the spot. The fire was initially declared as a Level II fire before being upgraded to Level III at 12.42 p.m. as the fire spread.According to fire control room the fire was reported to have broken out at a restaurant called 1 Above located in Kamla Trade House.
Eyewitnesses, which included several journalists working in media organisations having their offices in the same compound, said the fire was fast spreading and had also affected two adjoining diner-cum-pubs.Dr Sulbha KG Arora, a Mumbai doctor who said she was at the swanky restaurant when the fire broke out, said the fire started and “before we knew it the whole place was engulfed in a matter of seconds”. “There was a stampede and someone pushed me. People were running over me even as the ceiling above me was collapsing in flames. Still don’t know how I got out alive. Some powers were definitely protecting me,” she said in tweets, calling the incident the “scariest thing I have ever survived”.Several news channels also operate from the compound and had to shut down broadcast, reportedly due to damage to their equipment.S Jay Kumar, a senior Mumbai police officer said he could not speak on the cause of fire. “We have started our investigation… It is only after investigation that we will be able to say anything,” he said.

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