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Shark Bites A Newlywed Bride

Shark Bites Newlywed Bride

A Caribbean honeymoon nearly turned into a medical nightmare when a newlywed bride was almost mauled by a Shark Bites A Newlywed Bride.
Sarah Illig went swimming with the predators as part of a resort attraction at her hotel
Little did she know she was going to be bit by the predator
Immediately after getting bit, she recoiled in pain, swimming away from the marine animal
The footage of the incident was captured by her husband, Evan Carroll
Illig later posted the video to her Instagram and his husband posted pictures of the aftermath
Curious spectators and friends stated posting questions to the bride asking if she lost any skin
Illig had swum with the predators during an earlier leg of the honeymoon
She had also posted a picture of hers beside three massive sharks on a yacht
Nurse sharks are not known to be predatory towards humans and are not listed in the top five most dangerous species
The sharks at number of Caribbean resorts only attack humans if they are provoked which is very rare.

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