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Pawan Kalyan Disappointed With Bandla Ganesh’s Comments!


Pawan Kalyan Disappointed With Bandla Ganesh’s Comments!


It is a known fact that Pawan Kalyan, the founder of Jana Sena Party has plans of participating in the 2019 elections. For this reason, he is participating in campaigns and is currently on the Chalo Re tour. PK is also addressing citizens from different parts of the Telugu speaking states and gaining supporters by the day.

Pawan Kalyan took a public oath that he would quit acting in movies forever. He threatened all those who backstabbed his brother Chiranjeevi when the Megastar was active in the Praja Rajyam party. Pawan has been doing everything he can to gain support from his followers and make them believe he would be the best-suited leader.

However, he is also getting a lot of publicity from other sources. In a recent television debate about Pawan Kalyan’s speeches, Bandla Ganesh and Roja were invited for a discussion. However, this turned into an ugly war between both the parties who did not even stop at abusing each other. After one point of time, both these former actors stooped to vulgarity without even considering that they were on a national platform! While Roja was going against Pawan, Bandla Ganesh was focusing on supporting him.

However, word spread that Pawan is not at all happy with what Ganesh did on the show. He was quite upset because this would only bring negative publicity for him and his party. The audience might perceive this as a publicity stunt, or indicate that Pawan is being a casteist or even that Ganesh himself is a part of Jana Sena.

Knowing Bandla Ganesh and his tactics, Pawan always tried to maintain distance from him. However, it looks like Ganesh is using the entire situation to his own benefit so he can come into the limelight once again. Whatever the situation may be, it would be better if Pawan can get an official spokesperson for his party in order to avoid such nuisance and keep distant from negative publicity.


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